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A site that reviews a range of products is more likely to be neutral and a real review site than a site where only a single product is reviewed. A genuinely neutral product review site will have both favorable and unfavorable reviews. Current review sites permit reviews and rankings in 3 general classifications: Product reviews reviews of customer products, including customer electronic devices, appliances, autos, books, CD, and white wines service company reviews reviews of private experts, such as teachers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, realtor's, or doctors Organisation reviews reviews of premise-based businesses, such as restaurants, childcare centers, hotels, or home structures. Amazon, although primarily a supplier and market, also provides user reviews, and for lots of products, categories has possibly the biggest number of such product reviews. Because the product review process takes into consideration product assistance, customer resource management, and supplier fiscal viability, a product review is normally a much stronger, and more incorporating description of your technology compared to an ad.